Balloon FAQ's

Some useful information and FAQ's we get about balloons

With the exception of the 'Air Fill' balloons all other balloons can be filled with air or balloon gas (helium). Helium is required if you want them to float.  

Are balloons inflated? 
No. All of our balloons are shipped out flat and not inflated, we sell balloon weights and balloon sticks if required.

Getting balloons filled with helium:
Check with your local party store, they often will fill your balloons.  Prices will depend on the type of balloon (how much helium they will use).  Another option is your local branch of Woodies. Again check with them before hand. Many party stores now sell small mini helium canisters that you can take home and fill your balloons yourself, we have also seen them in some Tescos and Smyths Toy Stores.


How do I know I have inflated my balloon to the correct size? 
A good trick when filling balloons  is to use two chairs to measure the space that the balloon needs to be inflated to and inflate within this space. 


Giant Balloons:
These 3ft latex balloons somethings known as cloudbusters are a stunning decoration at any event. We do not supply these balloons but we often see them being used with our tissue fringe tails.   Please be aware they use a HUGE amount of helium, consider getting a specialist to supply these balloons inflated, this way they will have extra balloons/helium available in case they pop! They are not going to fit through a door and so must be inflated at the event.  You could always hang them from the ceiling eliminating the need for helium.

Mini Balloons:
Our little 5" balloons (6" hearts) are an adorable little balloon that can be filled with air and sprinkled around for decoration. Get creative with colour combinations, you can even stuff one colour inside another before inflating to create a unique colour tone.  

A hand balloon pump is needed to inflate these balloons, they may be small but take a huge amount of puff to inflate.

Mini balloons can also be filled with helium and will float for about an hour or two (depending air temperature) and as they start to drop appear to hang in mid air.  

Order extra!
Latex balloons, being made of latex are biodegradable but being a natural product may sometimes be faulty, its impossible to know until you start to inflate so always order extra. Foil balloons are made to a high standard but again if they are a must have on the day we recommend a back up just incase after all balloons can easily pop!

Clear Latex
Clear latex balloons are not 100% clear, they will always have a very slight milky or cloudy  hue to them.  There are several things which will effect their look.

The more you inflate a clear balloon the clearer the ballon will become. If you under-inflate a clear ballon, the latex won't stretch out but be sure not to over inflate and pop.

Air temperature will affect your ballon, cold weather = a cloudy balloon.

As latex is a natural substance, it is prown to flaws, order extra if quantity is important.

Once inflated clear balloons will be a little cloudy before becoming transparent (as long as you have inflated to the correct size,)

Sticking Confetti to Clear Latex Balloons
If inflating confetti balloons with helium (balloon gas) first add in a few puffs of air then the helium.  The air will help with static. Use a balloon pump for this as if you use your breath you will make the confetti damp and it won't stick to the inside.

Once the balloon has been inflated you must create a static charge.  Rub with you hands, a cloth  or on a carpet then roll the confetti around the balloon to help it 'stick' to the side of the balloon

Safety Warning:
Choking Hazard. Children can choke or be suffocated by an uninflated or broken balloon. Adult supervision required, adults should inflate the balloon and supervise their use with children under eight (8). Keep uninflated balloons away from children, discard broken balloons at once. To protect the eyes from possible damage, the use of a balloon pump is recommended. To aid inflation, gently rub the balloons between hands then stretch balloons. Do not over inflate.

Do not breathe helium from a balloon. Helium is not toxic nor flammable, but breathing it can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen).


Do not release mylar (foil) or bubble balloons outdoors. Although very rare power failures can result if these balloons become entangled in electric lines. Also these balloons are not biodegradable.


Consider your environment. Please do not release latex balloons into the air.  The release of latex balloons into the air is simply littering. Latex is biodegradable but it will take time to break down. Also the string not biodegradable, these balloons  will fall to the earth as litter and the string will become a choking/entanglement hazard for animals.


Remember when you’re finished with your balloon “PIN IT & BIN IT”