My order was sent to my billing address not my shipping address

To illiminiate human error we use an automated shipping process.  This means that the shipping labels for you parcel are automaticlly generated from the address provided at the time of ordering. 

The first address that you enter in the checkout will be used as both the billing and shipping address unless you press the tick box and enter an alternative shipping address.

Please check the address that appears under shipping address in the order confirmation email (this email is automatically generated when you make an order). This is the address that your order will be sent to.

If the addresses are the wrong way around, this means that you enterd the wrong address under the wrong section at the checkout, these things can happen expecially with auto-fill. However we must point out this is not an error on our systems. (Any time we check this has never been the case, we cannot replicate it, we check the master order and we look at other orders placed before and after you order that used an alterntive shipping address and we have never found any computer error, sorry!)

Easily fixed please contact us immediatly to switch these address. 

Alternative search terms:
You sent my order to the wrong address